Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Congrats! It's a.....Blog!

So, I have been sitting on this very unique blogger account name for some time now (wink wink) and today seemed as good a time as any to finally launch this baby.  Mazal Tov!  What type of blog is this you ask?  Well, I guess I'd like to consider it a "lifestyle blog."

What type of lifestyle is that exactly?  It's a blog for anyone interested in  a good laugh, cool products, a little fashion, some how-to's, and maybe the occasional book or movie review.   Basically, its like I say in the header "Got my J.D., never changed my name, had 2 kids...and now I write a blog.  Alana Bell, it's just my life."  Life can get hectic, here's to joy!

Stay tuned...I will try to update several times a week.

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Kenneth Hamlet said...


(Sorry, had to do it...lol) Congrats! Looks great!