Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Costco Culture

There is a one word conversation that everyone seems to be having these days.  It goes like this:  "Costco?"  Usually this is accompanied by a slight nod in the direction of whatever item you are referring to and almost always followed by a smile and a head shake from the person you're talking to.  Costco culture is sweeping the nation.  Long gone are the days when Costco was only good for purchasing cleaning products by the gallon and canned goods in bulk (Beefarino anyone?).  Costco now carries everything from baby clothes and designer watches to laminate floors and tires.  Need a casket? They carry those too!  I must admit though, those little corners on display upon exiting (no pun intended) really freak me out.  Somewhat ominous, but kind of practical, making Costco a mega sized one stop shop, even if its your last stop.  (I couldn't resist).  Just last week I dropped off Ruth at school and one of the teachers instinctively saw her raincoat and without even asking let me know that "they" had just gotten in the rain boots.  It's like being in some kind of cool club where your purchases are the evidence of your membership.   

One thing about Costco is that if you see it, you buy it and you ask questions later.  They take back almost anything at any time for any reason.  Just one more reason to love them. But, once its gone its usually gone for good, especially seasonal and specialty items.  (My parents got the boots that same night.  Thanks Bubbe and Zaidy!)  Somehow, it doesn't seem like shopping for baby clothes to my dad when its from Costco.  How many grandfathers do you know that know their grandkids clothing and shoe size?  If Costco culture had a leader my dad  would be king.  After his last visit he came to my house armed with a new wardrobe for the kids, a box of baby wipes, the polka dot rain boots and a space heater!   I love any place I can browse jewelery and movies while running errands.  Kind of takes the sting out of buying toilette paper.   

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