Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hey, That Looks Familiar

Snowy Girl Embellished Top (The Children's Place, $12.50 $7.50!)

While at The Children's Place the other day, I spied an adorable top.  I knew I had seen a shirt with a similar image on it somewhere before.  Then it hit me, I made that shirt!...well, almost.  A while back I saw a tutorial on Angry Chicken for freezer paper t-shirts.  After searching online I found some adorable images and the crafting began! I made a whole bunch of outfits for Ruth, but my Exacto knife seems to have gone into early retirement (much like myself).  Check out my t-shirt, made using a $4 Juicy Couture t-shirt on clearance from Marshall's (hence the cut tag) and some vintage buttons.  The matching polka dot leggings were outgrown and went into storage, but trust me they were c-u-t-e.  Maybe its time to dig out the fabric paint and get back to work?

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