Monday, November 22, 2010

Its Getting Cold Outside

The weather is definitely changing in New York and with cold weather (and snow) on my mind, I've had my eye out for a cute hat and gloves set for my 2 1/2 year old. Everything I saw was either too babyish or too expensive. And lets face it, you could crazy glue the gloves to your kids hands but when they go to school all bets are off.  Still, I wanted something cute and stylish, but that was also kind of, um, disposable?  I found a complete hat, gloves and scarf set at Amazing Savings for $4.99. All it took was a hot glue gun, some ribbon and a few gems, all of which I already had, to transform this Plain Jane set into something special.  You can get all of these supplies at Michaels.  Here is my before (read the how-to after the jump):

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Sorry for the horrible lighting, but you get the idea.

It took about 25 minutes (I did it while watching 60 Minutes) and I think the results are pretty darn cute. I didn't take any "during" pictures to show how I made the bows but its super easy. All you do is make a circle with a short piece of ribbon by gluing the two ends together. Wrap the center with a piece of ribbon just long enough to fit around the center of the flattened "bow" and glue. I glued a diamond to the center for a little sparkle. That's it. The scarf took a little more effort, but not much. I did an accordion fold on the bottom, gluing each fold together front and back. I wrapped and glued a piece of ribbon around the bottom and finished with a bow. With a little effort and a (very) little bit of cash, this is the result...

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