Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh-Soy, It's Allergies!

Several months ago, I watched my now 9 month old go from being a basically calm baby to crying non-stop and waking every couple of hours nightly (oh joy).  He was cutting a few teeth at the time so I assumed this would be a passing phase and I would no longer have to choose between taking a shower or laying face down on my bed for an extra 15 minutes in the morning.  The TempurPedic generally won.  After a few weeks I had a gut feeling that we were dealing with an allergy.  Up until that point he was exclusively breastfed and no one was rushing to allergy test him, but when he tested positive for a milk allergy I wasn't surprised just nervous.  Now, not only did he have to go dairy-free, so did I!  Anyone who knows me, can attest that my diet basically consists of milk, cheese and above all Hewlett Station Yogurt (sigh).  So what were we to eat?  My Oliver is no small fry and I was afraid he was going to start getting very hungry, very fast.  Trader Joes Soy Yogurt to the rescue.  Kosher, vegan and gluten-free, it certainly fit the bill, but what about taste?  If your expecting it to taste like real yogurt you're out of luck, but its definitely a decent compromise.  Oliver can down one of these 6 ounce containers in one sitting.  Be careful, however, of soy yogurt impostors, like o'Soy by Stonyfield.

I bought a whole bunch of these in the supermarket last week, and by a whole bunch I mean that I looked at the sell by date and counted backwards.  Then since my math isnt great I added a few more (yikes!).  I fed one to my little hulk and within minutes he was fussy and throwing himself about.  I should have checked the label more carefully, but seriously, who expects there to be dairy in soy yogurt?!  There in the teeny tiny print on the back it let me know, "contains soy and milk." Thanks Stonyfield, very informative.  Maybe my credit card company will do the same when I make an extravagant purchase I don't want my husband to notice.  Bloomindales $257.92.  Small enough?  Still, man-baby cannot exist on soy yogurt alone.  Readers, have any of you had success with other kid friendly dairy-free offerings?

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