Friday, November 12, 2010

The Weekender

Thanks to all for a very successful first week of blogging!  The response has been amazing and I appreciate your readership tremendously.  Thanks to you, I already have a list of sponsors and hope to have some pre-holiday giveaways set up in the next few weeks.  Please make sure to click "follow" on the left sidebar...the more followers the better the giveaways will be!  Also, don't be shy, leave your comments!  Many of you have called and emailed me about posts (thanks, I'm blushing).  I would love to see your comments online as well. 

From here on out I will try to close out the week with a weekender post.  Here's a list of a few things on my mind and a peek at whats to come:

  • Does anyone else watch Guillianna & Bill?  At first I thought it was a bit of shameless publicity (not that that stopped me from watching!), but watching them openly discuss their infertility was really sobering.  The fact that they aired the news of the miscarriage really changed my perception of their motives.  Do you think its brave of them to show the world their fertility struggles? Or do you think some things are better left private?
  • For those of you local readers, have you tried the Z-Cholent at Mauzone?  So yummy!  How it can still taste fresh from the crock-pot good days later is mind blowing.  C'mon David, share some of your secrets with your friendZ!
Happy Weekend everyone see you bright and early Monday morning!

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