Friday, November 19, 2010

The Weekender

Hey all!  I missed a couple of days of posting (we had a couple of colds in my house) but I promise to [try to] be back on track for next week.  I know I said I was going to update several times weekly, but daily just feels so right.  Here are a few things I've been meaning to share:
  • Speaking of navy, I was thumbing through this months InStyle magazine and Ruth saw an ad for a navy blue Chanel mini (as worn by Blake Lively here) and says, "Mommy, I like this dress.  I like it a lot."  My budding fashionista has a good eye.  I like it a lot too.  A girl can dream right?   (I am trying to totally ignore the fact that Alexa Chung managed to make this gorgeous dress look disastrous with those hideous schoolmarm flats.  OK, I feel better now.)
  • Have you all seen The Social Network?  I'm probably about a month late with that comment but I have two kids and don't get out much.  I have to say I was more than mildly impressed by Justin Timberlake's performance.  I wonder how much of that movie is actually based on real events.  Didn't you just find the whole thing so fascinating? 
  • Ever "run into" someone on Facebook that you haven't seen in years only to discover that they are super talented and doing something very cool?  That how I felt when I saw Erica Sarah Designs.  Isn't her jewelery simply lovely?  There is something delicate and charming about each piece.  I could see myself wearing the Dani everyday.  What about you? 
  • While on the gift topic, a couple of months ago I saw the cutest toy called a Singamajig by Mattel.  I literally spent about ten minutes playing with it and laughing out loud.  Apparently a lot of other people seem to think they're great too, because it looks like these little guys are shaping up to be the Tickle-Me-Elmo's of 2010.  Family Fun Magazine actually named it the holiday's best toy for all ages.  These little maestros even have their own YouTube channel!  I'm partial to the blue one (he sings For He's A Jolly Good Fellow).  Adorable. 
Have a great weekend everyone!  See you back here Monday.  I plan to get crafty this weekend so stay tuned...

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