Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bead & Ribbon Necklace

So I know that this week was supposed to be all about T-Shirt redo's and it still is, but my new sewing machine and I are still in that getting to know you phase and sewing flimsy t-shirt material is kinda like going all the way and lets just say things have been a little awkward for us.  The next t-shirt project is super cute but not perfect just yet, so I didn't want to blog it just yet.

While I had the machine out I wanted to make a really quick and cute bead and ribbon necklace.  This tutorial is really easy so don't be scared of the sewing part, really, I promise.  If you can (basically) sew a straight line you are golden. There are so many versions of this out there and I had anticipated doing this with an old t-shirt instead of ribbon, but my giveaway bag of old things was in Oliver's room and I generally sew during his nap.  If my kids didn't wake up from a creaking floorboard three houses away I would have grabbed something and ran out but I never chance these things.  Two hours to craft, cook and straighten up is too precious.

What You Will Need:
Ribbon (or any lighter weight material) about 44" long
Beads (about 10 depending on size and desired length)
Sewing Machine with matching thread to your fabric
Embelishments of your choice

1.  Fold the fabric or ribbon around one bead and leave a 1/4" on each side for your 1/2" seam allowance.  Next cut the fabric or ribbon to size.

2.  Fold the fabric inside out and sew along the edge to form a tube.

3. Turn your tube right side out.  Place your first bead at the center point in the tube and knot on both sides.  Continue using the same method for all of your beads.

4.  Fold the ends inside the tube leaving a finished edge.  Measure to make sure both sides are even.  Insert your ribbons into the tube and sew down.  I secures the ribbons twice to make sure they dont pull through.

5.  To finish you can use a fray sealer so the ribbons wont fray but I decided to glue two black rhinestones around the edge for a more finished look.

That's it! Pretty stinkin easy.  I didn't have anyone around to shoot a picture of it on but I promise it looks really pretty.  I will upload one later.  This was my snow day project with Ruth.  She put each bead into the tube and I tied them up.  It took me all of 15 minutes and if I didn't have the best 2 1/2 year old assistant helping me it would have taken me under 10.  It did feel a bit like life coming full circle sewing with my daughter Ruth who is named for my grandmother Ruth.  When she passed I was only 12 but I gave my father strict instructions that I needed to have her sewing machine, sewing box and vintage buttons (which are amazing!).  She taught me how to sew many many moons ago and I still use her sewing kit and tools to this day.   Now I'm making new sewing memories with my little Ruthie and it feels very special.

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