Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sparkle T's

Over the next few posts I will be doing a few easy tutorials on how to remix some t-shirts for your kids (or possibly yourself).  The posts will start off at the easiest and fastest  and gradually get a little more advanced.  Today is the most basic of remixes the super simple sparkle t, and older child could easily help you with this with proper supervision.

First start with any plain t-shirt, mine was $2.49 on clearance at The Childrens Place.  Any t-shirt will do, but a cotton shirt tends to work best for this. My shirt actually got a pizza stain after one wear and would have otherwise been relegated to the pajama drawer if not for this redo, so its a great way to salvage an otherwise good shirt.

Wash and dry your shirt, but skip any fabric softener.  Almost all of the manufacturers directions are the same but make sure to read yours carefully.  My decals came from Michaels (where else?) and cost $0.99 each. 

Peel off your iron-on and place onto your shirt.  Heat iron to the cotton setting.  Flip garment inside out.  Hold iron firmly in placefor 15 seconds and then move in circular motion for an additional 10 seconds.  I generally find that I need more time than this, but take it nice and slow because if you overheat the decal wont stick.  I like to press with the tip of the iron until I see the glue on the rhinestones adhere though the back of the shirt.

See I told you is was simple.  Voila! You're all done! This shirt cost under $5 and took me 5 minutes to make.  Doesn't get easier than that. Already working on my next t-shirt, be back soon...

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