Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lara Logan: Brutal Attack Fueled by Anti-Semitism

Lara Logan moments before her attack by a mob of 200

Dear Readers,

I was sickened by the recent news that CBS news correspondent Lara Logan had been badly beaten and sexually assaulted at the hands of a mob of 200 in Cairo.  As reported by all of the major news outfits, Logan had become separated from her crew and security in the frenzied chaos while reporting on the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Both the New York Post and Fox News reported that the mob was chanting "Jew, Jew!" and that Logan and her crew were accused of being "Israeli spies" the day before.  As an American, as a woman, as a Zionist and as a Jew my heart breaks for Logan (who is not Jewish) and her loved ones.       

Shockingly, while this story was reported by countless major news agencies, including the New York Times, NBC, and Logan's employing network CBS, only the New York Post and Fox News reported on the anti-semetic nature of the attack.  Although my posts are usually not political, I felt that to sit by in silence was to accept this crime as the attack the mainstream media has portrayed it as and not as the anti-semetic and hate-filled crime that it was.

We as Americans have to stop denying the vehemently extremist nature of the Middle-East and acknowledge these attacks as not only anti-American, but also anti-Israel and anti-semetic.  What is being perpetuated in the news media is not the full story and so I am using this post to fill in the blanks.

I say to my readers, stand up and listen.  I hear the mob shouting "Jew, Jew" and I know that they are calling my name.  I hope that more of us will stand up and call back to them with the truth.


PS After I completed this post I discovered this article by Anthony Martin.  Thank you for honest journalism.

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