Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Trend Watch 2011

Furla Candy Bag, $195.

There are a few oldies but goodies making comebacks in 2011 and I'm super excited about a couple of them.  Check out the neon colors above.  While I'm not telling you to pull out your coordinating lycra and srunchies a touch of brights in an accessory is always fun for spring.  So what else is on point for Spring?

First trend up: the belt purse

I guess you could say this is like the grown-up version of the fanny pack (I guess everything comes back sooner or later).  One reason I like this trend is purely the practicality aspect.  I mean (a) its a belt and a purse in one, (b) no hands required, and (c) you can't forget it at home or leave it at a restaurant (both of which I have done).  A good tip for this trend is to keep it looking purse-like, anything too pouchy will probably make you look pouchy.  I like the one below for the punch of color and also size and proportion. 

Belt purse at Jaeger London, Spring/Summer 2011,

Trend numero dos is the tried and true: wide leg trouser.  We saw it done perfectly in 1977 by Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, and now its back with a modern twist. 

Following many seasons of skinny jeans and more recently the jeggings craze, the wide leg trouser is a relaxed and decidedly flattering sillouette on most figures when worn and styled correctly.  Here's a few tips from Good Housekeeping to help you avoid the pitfalls of this trend.  (Not exactly known as the pinacle of fashion, but GH always has some of the best and most practical information.)

Our last trend watch item is: lace.  Ever beautiful and elegant, this is one item that we probably all have in our closet in some incarnation.  The real difficulty in this trend is two-fold: wearing lace by day while not looking trashy or like your grandmothers doilly.  If you can do those two things you are pretty much a trend master.  Take a bow, I salute you. 

I think this dress is so beautiful, and gasp...modest!, but still so sexy.  Leave it to Valentino to get the job done right.

Valentino, Spring 2011
If you're looking for more sexy than sweet, I die for this dress, and this trench is kind of genius. 

Side note: Notice how the stylists are using a nude shoe, so elegant with a black look I think.  For me it really takes away the heaviness of the all black look.  Love love love. 

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