Friday, February 11, 2011

The Weekender

Well, the week is coming to a close and for those of us New Yorkers, I think I speak for all of us when I say that I am not sad to see the giant black mountains of snow melting away.  Perhaps Punxsutawney Phil will be right this year and an early Spring is on the way.  In other news, Malverne Mel was kept in due to ice, but I never really respected his judgments anyway.  I always thought he was kind of a wanna be.  I mean seriously, ice? Did you see Phil complaining? Nuff said.

Here are a few things that have been passing the time while I've been thinking about Spring:

-In my house the dining room is essentially our multipurpose room.  We eat all meals there, play all of our games there, and I even sew and craft there.  Needless to say my dining room table has seen better days.  I thought the white heat marks that I accidentally made over the years were permanent until I saw this post on Little Green Notebook.  Haven't tried it yet but I will let you know if it works!

- I'm totally digging this tutorial  on how to accomplish an "undone" side pony.  This is making me rethink chopping off all my hair, but this is what I've been thinking about.  Or maybe this.  Not sure if I'm brave enough, but maybe I will surprise myself. My big fear is that I will end up looking like this.

- I usually look forward to the Anthropologie catalog to at least give me some inspiration and direction for the changing seasons but I was totally disappointed with the latest catalog. All sorts of long and frumpy silhouettes and gypsy inspired head scarves.  Not my thing.

Happy weekend all.  Hope you are enjoying the sunshine even if its accompanied by 20 degree weather.

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