Friday, March 25, 2011

The Eyebrow Whisperer

Not me, Kim Kardashain's who uses the same stencil system.

Last week I got to talking to one of my vendors at work, and somehow (and I am totally not sure how or why) we got to talking about eyebrows.  Odd no?  For some people maybe, but anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a slight obsession with not only my own brows, but brows in general.  Seems a little vapid and unimportant, but to me eyebrows are like the little black dress of your face.  A flattering shape, much like flattering dress can change how you look. 

I have only had two bad eyebrow experiences but that was enough to literally scar me for life.  The first was my during my senior year in high school.  I blame only my youth and myself for that one.  (Ever the perfectionist I kept evening them out until they were waaay too thin.  Lesson learned.  Then about two months ago I was in a major rush and I decided to let the very persistent nail tech wax my eyebrows.  Even though she got the full ten minute "not too thin, not too thin" shpiel, I walked out practically in tears, which I held back because truthfully I didn't want to make her feel bad.

After hearing my tale of woe, my colleague immediately told me that I HAD to go see Heba at Pravana Hair Salon in Hewlett.  I called and begged and she was able to fit me in that same day.  I thought that this was going to be a five minute ordeal where I tell her I've been maimed and beg her to fix me.  No no no.  I immediately knew that this appointment was going to be anything but rushed.

Before she even laid a finger on me, Heba explained to me that shaping eyebrows is basically equivalent to plastic surgery...I knew I had met my mentor.  She explained that most women have either over plucked or improperly shaped their eyebrows at least once in their life.  It became apparent to me after watching her point and draw on my brows with a black liner that most people are actually giving their brows an entirely wrong shape -- following the rules that we've all read in the magazines.

She utilizes a system using an eyebrow pencil to show you how to shape your own brows (you can keep it up in between sessions so no more over-plucking people!).  Then using stencils she finds the exact brow shape based on your specific bone structure and measurements.  She literally gave me an entire education (probably more useful and practical than what I got in law school and quite a bit cheaper too).  Besides being an eyebrow guru, she is someone that you just want to hang out with.  I cant tell you how many people asked me if I changed my make-up or my hair...nope, just my brows.  For $25 she will change your face!  For my local readers you can call Heba at 516-766-1961 516-444-6469.

P.S. She also mixes custom Giella custom blend cosmetics on site which is super cool to watch.  I was actually planing on doing a Giella post way before I met Heba because their make-up is amazing.  Check me out soon for that post.

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