Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Checking Out...

 Sometimes, I find myself with those precious few moments in the morning when everyone is still sleeping and the house is quiet (the calm before the storm so to speak).  Usually I have my cup of coffee (or 3, depending on how long I have) and quickly click around some of my favorite blogs and websites.  Here's a roundup of what caught my eye recently:

-This dinner location looks amazing to me.  I would do this in a heartbeat! How about you? Scary or exciting?

- How much are you planning on spending on your Spring/Summer wardrobe?  I'm definitely going minimalist this season, maybe just some new accessories for me, and....this dress from Forever21.  $12.90!

- On a side note, do you Groupon?  I recently signed up and although I haven't made any purchases yet, there have been some mighty tempting offers.  I have a feeling that once I start buying offers it will be hard to stop.

- I am in desperate need of some family photos.  I literally have zero professional shots of us as a family. Pathetic, no?  I keep checking out different photographers and poking around looking at other peoples family portraits looking for ideas.  I like the idea of doing something a little more fun and organic, but I also think that maybe that's not timeless enough (and lets be honest, I see myself getting around to family portraits maybe every 4-5 years, if I'm lucky).  I thought this was fun, but who am I kidding, I am not that cool (plus I would need to hire like 4 more kids as extras to make it work).

What about you? Do you take family photos yearly? every few years? ever? How much are you spending? I have to say that while many people dis large outfits such as Picture People, I have gotten some amazing shots done there, like the one above.  I am considering them for a family photo since: (a) its cheap (no sitting fee so if the photos aren't amazing I wont feel bad; (b) its fairly local so minimal traveling; and (c) the prints are extremely affordable so I can choose a few different shots.

Then, I just have to pick a wardrobe for the family, and make sure Oliver doesn't have a black eye or scratches on his face, Ruth doesn't have boogers dripping down her face....somehow other people make this look like a piece of cake.  My kids will probably cry, my husbands eyes will probably be closed and I will probably get a zit the morning least it will be authentically us!

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